Welcome, Independent Agents!
Thank you for visiting GetMyCLB.com, powered by SureTec technology. Years of partnership with professional agents inspired the site, which was designed so that SureTec agents could refer business to the site and get paid a referral fee. What’s more, your clients get immediate execution and a great price on California Contractor’s License Bonds (CLB).

We invested in the technology, configured a pricing structure that ensures a competitive advantage in the aggressive CLB market --- and GetMyCLB.com was born. Our agents have no transaction costs, no application or indemnity paperwork, no premium collection. The technology does the work for you, your customers get immediate execution and a great price on a CLB, and you get a referral fee. You can even choose which way you want the technology to work:

1. Your Web Site
We’ll give you a link that goes on your agency’s site, your customer clicks on it and, in a matter of minutes, gets a great price, easy payment terms and instant CLB execution. You may prefer this option because YOUR website is the starting point. Add it to your home page, on a new tab, or the page of your choosing, and include it in your agency’s marketing materials to drive traffic to your site.

2. Our Web Site
Your agency is given a referral code, your client enters the code at GetMyCLB.com, the bond is quoted, purchased and instantly executed.

In both cases, you receive a referral fee. Contractors who find GetMyCLB.com through an Internet search are referred to local SureTec agents, reinforcing our belief that contractors need agents for their contract and other bond needs.

More than a tool to compete in the California CLB market, GetMyCLB.com is a money-saver for your customers and a convenience for you both. There’s no magic. Just smart technology. If you’re an appointed agent, you can get started today. Simply contact customer service or your underwriter. Interested in appointment with SureTec? Click “Get Appointed!” at www.markelsurety.com

As a reminder: GetMyCLB.com is a place to refer your clients; there is no action an agent can take on the site. In order to begin referring clients, appointed agents simply contact customer service or your underwriter. Not yet appointed with SureTec? Go to markelsurety.com and click the “Get Appointed!” button.
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